5000 Word Novel

Today we had to write a 5000 word novel in ten minutes and we were allowed to choose previously created works and claim them as our own. This feels so uncomfortbale to me. Being a former library, I take pride in recognizing the person who created a piece of literature. I hated the feeling of discrediting them. I think this is foreshadowing a struggle I am going to carry with me through this entire unit. I am eager to see what I do with this feeling and what I create despite it.

One thought on “5000 Word Novel

  1. Hello Alexandria,
    The work you are talking about sounds a lot like a gentleman here in town’s work. He goes by the name Pierre Menard, if you have any interest in contacting him. He’s an interesting man, and into the philosophical ideas of authorship. I think you would enjoy talking to him about some of his ideas. –Clarisse McClellan

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