A Book for the (Digital) Ages

TheĀ House of Leaves article by Jessica Pressman contained a lot of discussion about the connections between the makeup of this novel and the digital age. While the article was indepth and thoughtful, I think it perfectly summarized House of LeavesĀ by a phrase on the first page. “It is a print novel for the digital age.” What a paradox Pressman thinks this is and I could not agree more. As I try to disect and digest this complex work, I continue to get stuck on that phrase. I am captivated by the sheer fact that in a world full of technology, this work was created to thrive and make an impact while still maintaing and being appreciated as a book and not as a digital entity. I was so inspired by it that I created a picture symbolizing it for one of my entries for our project. Stay tuned to see it!