Books as Art

Field Journal-Day 37

Recently, I have been visiting museums in the area. I heard a rumor that some books were rescued before books were officially banned, and were turned into art. It is part of the resistance, but in a very underground way. They took the books and started to make sculptures out of them. They are “supposed” to symbolize how dangerous and bad books are, but the real purpose of them was to preserve books. The artist’s were hoping that they could make these books into sculptures to keep them safe, and then hopefully in the future when books are possibly not banned anymore, they can deconstruct the sculpture. They have some of the most rare and important works. They have Dante, Shakespeare, the Bible, and even Dr. Seuss! The sculptures are allowed to remain because they are art and not books. Most art these days is abstract, but no one has seemed to mind if these stay up as they serve as a reminder of how “bad” books are.