How I Ended Up Here

My name is Savannah Davenport, and I am a librarian. Now, you may be asking-what on Earth is a librarian? I am an extinct breed-written out of history by the burning of books, and the lies and myths that now surround the time before-that is, when books were free to be written and read. My job was to care for books in a building that made them available to all. I am passionately committed to the literary education of everyone in my community.

Recently, I was working late when a nice man stopped by the circulation desk. His name was John, and he asked me if I was interested in making a difference for humanity-in the future. John told me all about how people stopped reading, and eventually started to fear books. Books were blamed for the worlds problems. John told me that his colleagues and him had come back in time to scout out librarians, and that he believed I was a perfect fit for his project.

So, I took what I had with me that day, and came with John here, to this time. Person by person, book by book, I am trying to show people that books are not to be feared, but to be revered. That books are not what causes problems, but what give you the tools to solve them.