It House Porch Rooted

House of Leaves has been a joy to decipher. it reminds me a lot of Fahrenheit 451. I see “fool” in the introduction, “The old man left plenty of clues and warnings. I was the fool  to disregard them. Or was it reverse: did I secretly enjoy them?” I like Johnny a lot, I see my self in him. it takes courage to trust you intuition. When learning to read for the first time I knew there were some words I had to follow if I wanted to be able to comprehend the text and have an opportunity to see between the lines. Of course, “house” is a significant word, “truth” is another gimme, laughter is always wrought with danger, the terms “rooted” and “uprooted” seems to convey meaning, and LOOK!… just like in, F451, texture is mentioned on pg. 9, “Navidson not only reveals how each room is occupied, but how everyone has helped apply his or her own personal texture.” And quite similar to Montag’s wife Mildred, at the beginning of F451, Chad has difficulty falling asleep in the quiet. The porch is also mentioned twice when describing Will Navidson on pg. 9, “A place to drink lemonade on the porch and watch the sunset…Which is almost how the Navidson Record begins, with Will Navidson relaxing on the porch of his small, old-style heritage house, enjoying a glass of lemonade.” I could go on with all the connections to F451 and I might. The use of the pronoun “it” is also fun to pay attention to, “it’s  like there’s something else, something beyond it all, a greater story still looming in the twilight. pg. 15″