It works!!

As I suspected, this device has a lithium battery, which means I can charge it wirelessly with my power emulator. It took a while before I could if anything was happening, but then I tried the button on the top next to what I suppose must have been the power port — and it turned on!

The flat, shiny side is, it turns out, a small LCD screen, which illuminates just enough to produce legible images and text. At first, there was a colorful image of someone playing a sport — basketball, I think; or maybe soccer — and, then, at least some words.

Sorry it’s a little hard to read. I had to take this photo quickly because I’m not really supposed to be working on this while I’m at work.

I’ll try and transcribe a passage:

Sometime in the spring of 1950, Bradbury suddenly envisioned his solitary pedestrian, considered a dangerous deviant in a culture where virtual-reality entertainments had replaced evening walks, in an entirely different role and gender. The pedestrian became young Clarisse McClellan, a reader of forbidden books, a questioner of authority, and a solitary late-night walker. She turns a corner and encounters Guy Montag, fireman, walking home from his station shift in…

And it cuts off there. I’m not sure what it’s talking about, but it sounds interesting. I’ll see what else I can find out!