Mantra Smantra

“We burn to live, to live is to burn”

“We save those from themselves because they themselves are not strong enough”

“We do what is hard, but we do what is necessary”

“We take away the pain, the pain the books have provided”

This seemed to calm me. I felt a reminder of this feeling that I was experiencing right then was why we burn. We burn to prevent this pain and fear of missing out. This is what makes us not grateful for our lives. I then became furious at myself for falling into the books wicked trap. I was ashamed, but proud I didn’t finish it. All I knew was that if I had kept reading it would have only grew worse. I must stay on task. I must help others stay on their path to happiness. And books are NOT that road.

One thought on “Mantra Smantra

  1. Hello Mr. Cide,
    It saddens me that you struggle with a seemingly intrinsic motivation to read and be swept away by literature, yet societal constraints prevent you from doing so. It sounds to me like you need to worry less about what other people think and perceive of you. While books aren’t the key to happiness, they do provide us with adventure and perspective we may have never had before. Please consider giving books a chance, even though it is against your code of conduct as a fireman.
    –Clarisse McClellan

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