Twilight Zone

Field Journal-Day 30

I have found that most people will refuse to even touch a book. My plan of engaging them in the fight for reading will not be possible if they will not even try reading a real book. To combat this, I have started showing them one of my favorite episodes of the Twilight Zone-‘Time Enough At Last’, hoping that the absurdity of it, not even reading newspaper or magazines, will come through to them. Their reality is a Twilight Zone to me.

I am currently on the hunt for shows that can challenge them and their ways of thinking, shows that can convince them of the importance of reading. Current ones do not seem to exist, so I am secretly searching through the digital archives for old shows meant to teach. The television was what taught the majority Italians to read in the 1950s, who previously had been illiterate or near illiterate, and I am hoping I can use those same methods now.