We know how to stop books, but how about other forms?

When I think of all that I have gone through in my generation and all that I have partaken in I often think to my self… “was it worth it”? I feel like this is a form of maturity that just moves in as we age and grow. Right now when I ask myself was it worth it to burn all these books? My answer is simply I don’t know. I think that is every fireman’s worst thought. That somehow what have caused more harm then good. That fear though drives us on to follow orders and not question things out loud. This has then caused to me to become even more extreme in ideas. I have become obsessed with what other media is persuading thought. Art for one thing is just other form of literature. It tells a story. Therefore, it is just as dangerous.  So how do we stop these? Do we burn these too? Do we halt technology? I don’t know the answer, but I am hoping to one day find out before it is too late.