What to Read?

Reading makes me free. Reading is a quest for the Truth. The Quest becomes the Truth that Life is a Journey and I enjoy the Journey and what knowledge I gain with each twist and turn. Not knowing what to read gives me anxiety because the Truth is I Know I need to be reading something, but not anything. F451, the short story “The End of Books” were pleasurable swims. The thought of the idea that books will come to an end and that electric readers and technology will take over is not something I look forward to at all. I can not get over my love of writing in the margin. Having to touch a death flat screen and hit the “highlighter” function just doesn’t cut it for me. What if the battery dies? or I drop my device and the screen cracks and I don’t have the money to purchase another electric reader and my fate is that of “the bookish little man”, Henry Bemis. I have struggles with “posting” “files” from “Microsoft”. It should be called “microhard”. Being trapped in an electronic world I think “we the people” are subjects in a lager plot against humanity. We would become easily manipulated. You almost can’t trust anything behind a screen. Screens strain my most precious organ, my eyes. I don’t like looking at screens for long periods, it is not worth it. Contacting people has become easier with technology, but nothing comes without a price. There was a since of calm and patience we lost with technology.  People that are good with computers and not good with people seems like robots. And they walk about with an heir of snobbishness as if they posses something us human don’t. It will further the divide of the “Have’s and the Have Not’s” or simply the feeling that gives off.