Hermione Granger, Signing Off

Well, we had our last official class today! It was bittersweet. But, I’m also quite relieved because now this means I can hit the ground running and continue on with working on my print. Last night, I tore down paper to the size it needs to be which I thought was going to be much harder than it was. Usually a tear bar is required but I made do with folding and ripping.

Tonight, I’ve made time in my schedule to make the actual prints! Obviously I’ll do some rough drafts, but best case scenario, I would be finished with the final drafts tonight! Fingers crossed that happens.

It’s been a great semester with everyone in the class so far, and I wish everyone the best in their future endeavors!

Black vs. Blue

I made some progress this weekend on my final. Not enough to call is significant progress, but certainly enough to know that I’m on the right track and will definitely finish it by the time next Friday comes. To be perfectly candid, I should probably be putting more work into it and be prioritizing it, but I think junioritis is hitting me hard.

There are a few things I need to determine before the rough draft is due on Wednesday, and that is whether I should leave the print it in black or add a pop of color in there. On one hand, I like the way the plain black looks. But on the other hand, I love color and the blue that I was thinking of using adds a reference to House of Leaves from earlier this semester and makes it more fun. But it might make it too busy. I’ll do some trial and error and see what happens. Hopefully all works out well and I’m able to come to a conclusion!

Final Print

I’m making progress with my print, so much so that hopefully I’ll finish it early. Even if I don’t, there’s a lot of buffer time that means it won’t affect my timeline if I make a mistake or something happens. I have a lowkey weekend so I’m hoping to relax a bit, but also use the time to work on said print! This is the first time in a while where I actually don’t feel too panicked going into the last week of classes… Hopefully the feeling continues!


I officially began work on my Final Project yesterday and I’m hopeful and optimistic about the end result. Of course, Step 1 is barely anything to have completed, but it’s still more than I had prior to yesterday! It also means I’m on the right track in terms of progress. My goal for today is to have my silkscreen coated and then left to set. Also if I’m really feeling ambitious, then I’ll start making my transparency in order to make the stencil this weekend. Fingers crossed all goes well!


I’ve spent today working on ideas for my print for my Final Project and I think it’s coming along swimmingly! I’m excited to see how it will turn out, because art like this tends to be a surprise! I don’t want to give away too much because not only do I want it to be a surprise for myself, but I want my peers to be surprised when it’s their turn to receive the print.

Hopefully though, it will turn out how I imagine. And if not, I suppose I will be alright with that too 🙂

Exciting news! I finally decided on a topic for my Final Project! I’m going to create prints with designs that incorporate what we’re learned throughout the semester and the evolution of traditional technology to digital technology. And isn’t traditional technology such an oxymoron? I’m excited about it because this is a way for me to get my creative juices flowing. Since I’ll be parked in the library for hours on end once finals week starts with a quill and ink, I think this will be a nice way to take a break from all of that and really allow my brain to think differently.

I’m hoping that all goes well and that the print turns out how I imagine. I’m also hoping my classmates like it, since they will be getting one to keep and take home!

Final Project Decisions…

I’m quite stressed about this final project. Fifteen pages? That’s a lot of pages! I’m not planning to write a paper because I know I’ll need a break from writing after all of my other papers that are due, so I’m going to create a project. What the project will be, I don’t yet know. I’m torn between a digital creation or a more traditional work. I have to decide soon, and that is very stressful to me! I don’t work well under pressure, clearly.

The amount of sources needed is also a lot. How am I supposed to find 12 sources? It’s so intimidating! I’m sure I’ll feel more confident in my project once I actually get it figured out, but for now, I am overwhelmed.

The FINAL Stretch!

It’s the last month before finals week and the feeling of unpreparedness, stress, and anxiety is in the air! I feel it as I walk through the hallways and the grounds and it’s not a great feeling. The rapid weather changes don’t make it any better either, though I don’t have it as bad as people with allergies or seasonal depression. My body still hates it though. I’m beyond excited for summer!

I don’t know what this class has in store for me, but I’m quite interested. I hope my interest is still piqued as we enter The Final Stretch. It’s usually around this time that I begin getting irritable and distracted at the thought of the impending summer. Only time will tell what the end brings!

Coding Mediation

Listening to everyone’s code generated text today in class was really interesting and a very fun experience! Each person had a different story/creation and I think it really spoke to their true character and true nature. I learned a lot about my classmates, while also learning about code.

Just like Alexandria, I don’t think I could choose a favorite. They were all so creative, clever, and different from one another and had qualities that stood out from one another. I really liked that!

I also think this mediation assignment has really helped me grasp coding on a deeper level. I hope that this skill will translate into my profession, whether I choose to pursue a career with Muggles or wizards!

Calm Before Storm

It’s officially April now which means Final Examinations start in a month. I’m slightly stressed but know that my time management skills will save me like they always do. I feel bad for my fellow students who wait until the last minute but it’s also frustrating when they complain how stressed they are. Perhaps if they hadn’t started working until the night before, then they would be less stressed?

Anywho. I’m finished with my coding generation and it was a lot less daunting than I thought it would be. That being said, I am very relieved that it’s done and I don’t have to worry about coding anymore for the time being!