Final Project!

My final project is going to be a pop up book about the history of writing and reading. The outside of the book or the book covers are going to be clay tablets. The inside will contain the various different forms to reading and writing that has been developed through out the society. The first step I will need to do is fine the research to help me create and back up this information.

Final Project Ideas!

For my final project I have come up with a variety of different ideas:

  1. Encrypt a movie.
  2. Encrypt a book.
  3. Create a pop up book.
  4. Create a clay tablet.

Overall I have to narrow in on one idea. But I might end up combining two. The first two are very digital while the second two are more hands on. It will be interesting what I end up landing on.

Tommy Cide and His Thoughts on Code.

I don’t understand how code is not seen as a form of reading. I have been learning more and more about it in the last few weeks. I am scared because I don’t think our government realizes that coding is the new form of reading. These young kids are being presented with this idea that reading is evil and yet they are allowed to write and create with this new medium. I don’t think they know how much creativity and thinking this kind of writing and reading is. The only saving grace is that people don’t see to really know what it is or how to do it.

To Code or not to Code?

I have been struggling with figuring out what reading really is especially with today’s day and age. When using computers the langue that is read is code. Does that mean that this is a new form of reading even though it is not the same as it was in the traditional sense. I believe that code is a new for of literature almost and is definitely being read whether by a human or a computer. Overall, this is just an advancement in reading and apart of the revolution.

Coding Project

For class we had to to create a book for NaNoGenMo. This was a very different activity for me because I have never actually done a full fledged project with code. In class last year we were able to read and learn about python. This is why it was difficult at first to create and understand the project. Ultimately, I was able to  understand and progress and create an awesome work. I ended up creating a book with a significant amount of variation. It was from two fairy tail stories which then were created into one.


Consequences lay on my desk in my room. This book I could vaguely remember was about a small boy who didn’t speak up when things around him were not okay and even though his life was not directly effected those around him suffered dearly. I tried to control the large amount of ironic thought that hung over me. I began to read it. At first I felt like I should have grabbed a different book one for adults. But it occurred to me that Ryan would have known I would be coming to his house to burn eventually. Then I flipped through the book rapidly. There was a small sticky note on page 232. The note read “read yourself and your will read others” I was confused how this would help me. I didn’t understand how this was supposed to change my perspective. Then I saw a sentence underlined on the same page “How did you learn this?” I froze. How did I learn this behavior.  I almost felt robotic at this point. Without thinking I began to write.

Say it ain’t so.

We got called in today at 3 p.m. to a house on second street. I new this house my friend Ryan used to lived there. Sadly, this was not the first time I had to go into a friends home to burn their books. As I proceeded in the house they had Ryan on the ground pinned like a murderer. I heard him yell Tommy help. I stilled, but avoided I contact. They began to pull him to the police vehicle apparently he was distributing as well has storing books. This was a double offence and will cause major problems for Ryan in the near future. At the door he yelled consequences. At first I thought he was just babbling about his mistake or warning me to help. But it occurred to me “consequences” was a book we read as children it was Ryans favorite. I moved quickly and quietly into his room and felt under his bed and low and be hold it was the book.

Tonight I read…

When I decided to become a fire fighter I was around 28 I am now 32 years old and until recently I never regretted or even questioned the chose to burn books for society. Recently, I have been contemplating the idea of reading. We throw the word around as if it doesn’t have a darker meaning. We often in daily life read into things. Additionally, we also read images and video. If reading is what is corruption then with how society is wired you will have to literally blind them to control them. I ask myself now are we being blinded? Even if the government was intentionally doing what they thought was best and didn’t intervene fear and the idea around it would persuade one not to read after this reaction. SO tonight I will read I will read the next book I see when we are called into work today regardless of consequences and fear. I will be blind no more.

Intellectual Inequality.

The main thing we want these children to understand is that we want to prevent an intellectual inequality. We have found that this bazaar thirst for knowledge is one of the key components to peoples suffering. Or even the reverse then don’t know enough to function properly in society so then suffer. By controlling the exact input into our students we control this uneven flow of knowledge and prevent suffering. I find that being the main push for me when I burn. As a young child I struggled in the old schooling system. I often found myself longing to leave and a deep disdain for information. I just wanted to go on with my routine with out being notice and yet because I was academically secondary to my fellow students I would be subjected to ridicule by not only the class but the teacher. People don’t need to suffer like this. So I am aware of the lesser thinking people are at developed though this method. But the government reminds us of the previous pain we have felt and I understand why we created these specific roles in which we follow.

Diction much?

You might be wondering why we bring the dictionary. We have banded books not words. I mean we still speak and watch film and listen to music. So why on earth would be bring a dictionary to prove books are evil. Well what we do is we get children to create a story using random words we find out of the text. Then we show them the dangers which lie with the story. With out fail a child will pronounce himself above another and an unintentional inequality begins. But this is the darkness we want to prevent. So we show them that even in its roots books are bad and cause a intellectual inferiority which we want to prevent.