Diary Entry 471


Another package has arrived. This time containing a destroyed copy of Fahrenheit 451. All these messages are starting to link together, I am still not sure what the larger meaning of all of this is but they are at least are connected. The destroyed copy had blacked out words, much like the video I had been sent from the Twilight Zone. The copy had a few words bolded in red, Pleasure, Burn, Fire, Books etc.. words relating to the major themes of the book. Since it’s not actually readable, I decided to count how many times the word fire showed up! 169 times!

I am intrigued to see what I receive next week if the trend keeps going..

Diary Entry 461

Dear Diary,

Another package has arrived at my doorstep, this time containing a weird device that looks like a box, with a black screen and a couple of controls labeled TV, two discs, and instructions about how to put them in the box. The first disc is titled Time Enough at Last. I viewed this one first.

It’s about a bank teller, and all he wanted to do was read, however, no one would let him. The next day, a bomb goes off while the teller is eating his lunch in a vault, and he is the only one that survived. He finally had enough time to read! As he bends down to pick up the first book, he stumbles, and his glasses fall off and shatter.

This made me a little sad. Books are so very important for the minds and to live in a world where no one would let you read is a bore! His wife stated that she wanted to have conversations and the number of conversations they could have had over these books was endless if she had only given them the chance.

I am starting to sense a trend with these packages.

Until next time,

Diary Entry 451

Dear Diary,

As you already know, last week I received a mysterious package in the mail from the future. It contained a book called Fahrenheit 451. I am not sure why I have received this package but I started reading it the other day hoping to make some sense of it. The book is certainly very interesting. I wonder if that is what the future is like, and I got sent it because they are giving me the task to stop it. It would make a little sense if that was the case, considering I am currently doing the opposite of burning my sisters books and getting them published.

Nevertheless, I will continue reading.

Until next time,

Vinnie Dickinison

Hi! My name is Lavinia Norcross Dickinson, but you can just call me Vinnie.  You probably don’t know who I am, but you most definitely know my older sister, Emily Dickinson. I love cats and flower beds. I am unmarried and despite many proposals, I plan on staying that way! Emily is one of my best friends, and I am so very proud of her. Emily sadly passed away. She requested that I burn all her correspondence, and I did until I found hundreds of poems which she had given me no instruction on. I decided that I was going to share these poems with the world like they deserved. With the help a few of my friends and the publishing Roberts brothers,  we began publishing my sister’s poems and letters.

I somehow stumbled upon a book written from the future, Fahrenheit 451. It was written in 1953 (I am in the year 1889). While I am a little confused about this time traveling book, it must have been sent to me for a reason!

Yours truly,