Junie B. Jones and the Not So Stupid Old Book

So I finished that stupid, old book my professor made me read for class. I thought it was going to be awful as most books are these days, but honestly, I loved it. It was better than my twitter timeline! (Not as much drama though). This book was basically about a society of book burners. I can’t help but wonder if our society will ever get to that point. I mean we are quickly exhausting all fossil fuels and printed books are becoming obsolete as we continue to favor digital copies over physical ones. Maybe we will get to a point where books are more useful to us as a heat source than as a knowledge source. I hope not. This book has renewed my interest in reading so I guess it is a not so stupid, old book after all.

One thought on “Junie B. Jones and the Not So Stupid Old Book

  1. Hello Junie B. Jones,
    I’m glad to hear this book helped rekindle (pardon the pun) your interest in books. It sounds very similar to what I went through in the society where I lived. While books physically may disappear, hopefully our concept of them would simply transform with the times and adopt an immortal quality.
    –Clarisse McClellan

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