Junie B. Jones: The End?

We had a reading of our computer generated novels yesterday. I loved listening to everyone’s work and learning how everyone¬† approached coding their own novel. Each novel was vastly different from the next, but one thing we all had in common during the reading was knowing where to end. Since these novels were computer generated, they didn’t really have a plot, just a series of random events. Because of that it was hard for everyone to know where would be a good place to end. Some read just a paragraph. Some read a short chapter. Me? I coded a poem so I just ended after the first repeated stanza but even the stanzas were randomly generated so there could be identical stanza right next to each other. I just think it would be interesting to ask everyone why they chose to stop reading where they did. Maybe they just thought they were going on too long and wanted the embarrassment of public reading too end. idk.