A Response to Ms. Ana Thema:

When I see something that bothers me, I prefer to let it roll off my back and stay unbothered. However, Ms. Ana Thema’s post titled “Delinquent Caught!” really irritated me. For starters, it reminded me too much of a past situation I myself was in with our temporary headmistress. But most importantly, people should not ever be punished for possessing or reading a book, especially one that is as classic as Fahrenheit 451!

Does Ms. Ana Thema not see the irony in the burning of Miss Stark’s copy of the novel? If the burning of the book was a specific choice by Ms. Ana Thema, does that mean that she has read the book and understands the overall theme?

Books are outlets of creativity and allow the readers to escape into another world. No wonder this student wanted to escape: She’s stuck with an imbecile for a headmistress!

One thought on “A Response to Ms. Ana Thema:

  1. Miss Granger:
    It sounds to me like your past headmistress was a sophisticated and innovative woman if I remind you of her. The laws of my city prohibit books of any kind. You, Miss Granger, I thought would respect THE RULES. I have no knowledge of this “Fahrenheit 451” book; the book burning punishment has been instilled in my prestigious school for generations. Miss Stark knows the rules and the consequences of breaking those rules. I hope I do not find you meddling in my school’s business again.
    Good day.

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