Consequences lay on my desk in my room. This book I could vaguely remember was about a small boy who didn’t speak up when things around him were not okay and even though his life was not directly effected those around him suffered dearly. I tried to control the large amount of ironic thought that hung over me. I began to read it. At first I felt like I should have grabbed a different book one for adults. But it occurred to me that Ryan would have known I would be coming to his house to burn eventually. Then I flipped through the book rapidly. There was a small sticky note on page 232. The note read “read yourself and your will read others” I was confused how this would help me. I didn’t understand how this was supposed to change my perspective. Then I saw a sentence underlined on the same page “How did you learn this?” I froze. How did I learn this behavior.  I almost felt robotic at this point. Without thinking I began to write.

One thought on “Consequences

  1. Mr. Cide,
    self-reflection and improvement are two highly ignored skills from your (and previously mine) society. I think if more people asked themselves these questions, things wouldn’t be as bad as they are. Pride and the unwillingness to admit wrongdoings are the toxins that will eventually destroy your society. The question is this: do you want to fall with them or rise above the ashes? –Clarisse McClellan

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