Intellectual Inequality.

The main thing we want these children to understand is that we want to prevent an intellectual inequality. We have found that this bazaar thirst for knowledge is one of the key components to peoples suffering. Or even the reverse then don’t know enough to function properly in society so then suffer. By controlling the exact input into our students we control this uneven flow of knowledge and prevent suffering. I find that being the main push for me when I burn. As a young child I struggled in the old schooling system. I often found myself longing to leave and a deep disdain for information. I just wanted to go on with my routine with out being notice and yet because I was academically secondary to my fellow students I would be subjected to ridicule by not only the class but the teacher. People don’t need to suffer like this. So I am aware of the lesser thinking people are at developed though this method. But the government reminds us of the previous pain we have felt and I understand why we created these specific roles in which we follow.