Midterms, in my opinion, are worse than finals because they sneak up on you and before you know it, you’re overloaded with work for five different classes and feel like you’re totally drowning! That’s how I’ve felt this week and it’s only Wednesday afternoon! I have one exam, two papers, and two projects, and I’m beyond stressed! I know I’ll get through it, because I always do, but the irrational part of my brain keeps insisting that I won’t and that I should prepare for several all-nighters. At least Spring Break comes after midterms. That will allow for a nice rest! In the mean time though, I’ll likely be getting no rest and possibly going mad. Having to decipher the remaining bits of House of Leaves certainly won’t help with my madness…

One thought on “Midterms!

  1. Sounds like you have a rough week ahead of you!! I agree, midterms are way worse than finals especially since we have to come back to this place! Good luck, you deserve a spring break after that!

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