Junie B. Jones and the Coffee Stain

As you already know, I am reading this really weird book called House of Leaves for class. This book has multiple plots and layers all distinguished by different fonts. As I was reading I came across a page with a coffee stain on it and coincidentally I was also drinking coffee when I came across the stain. My book is a rental. It has several rental stickers on the back cover so it has been in the hands of quite a few college students. I began to wonder who left the coffee stain. What was this person like? Would we get along? We already have one thing in common… a dependency on coffee. It’s as if this coffee stain adds another layer of story to this book. But that also means that every used book is capable of this second story layer. When you go to a used book story or thrift store you will find books with pages dogeared and inked up in the margins. In a way these tell a story of the previous owner. I’m probably getting too deep into this though… I blame Zampano and his crazy analysis in House of Leaves for making me think this way.