Junie B. Jones and the End of the World

So I found this weird book in one of the academic buildings on my campus. I thought it was someones agenda that they left on one of the study space couches. Being the nosey person I am I decided to inspect it. It actually wasn’t an agenda at all. It was a book about an apocalyptic world that people were supposed to contribute to when they found it. I flipped through and took pictures of some of the contributions. This book kind of reminded me of that weird book that my professor is making me read, House of Leaves. In a way I think that book is kind of an apocalyptic book too. It may not be the end of the entire world, but it’s the end of Navidson, Zampano, and Johnny’s world. Also, both books have multiple contributors. Anyway, I decided to add my own contribution with a very obvious hint toward House of Leaves. I wish I thought of something more cleaver, but I didn’t want to waste too much of my time with someone else’s class project when I can barely get my own done.