Thoughts on Our Next Assignment

I have really enjoyed reading House of Leaves because it has taken me completely out of my comfort zone and opened many doors for me in a lot of ways. Like I said before, I never read anything other than romance novels because they were easy and appealing to me. Now, that I have had a new sense of something very different, I am excited to go back to my town’s library and see what else they have for me! I now have also seen a whole new part of life from reading this book. I’ve never ¬†been deep into my thoughts like I have while reading this and I’ve never been outside of my little town nor heard of anything like what has happened to Johnny or Navidson in my…. whole life. There is so much out there for me to explore!! As for this assignment, now that we are rearing the end of House of Leaves, I have to say I am a bit nervous because I don’t have much of a creative side to me. This book has opened my eyes to a whole different side of me, so I’m excited to see what this assignment will bring out of me as well. Here’s to new beginnings for Belle!