Dances on Draxghr

Picture this: you’re standing on the surface of an unfamiliar planet, stars shining down from everywhere in sight. In the distance, a soft halye flute begins to play. The music fills your ears. As if pulled by machinery, you raise your arms, and begin to sway to the song…

That’s what reading Dances on Draxghr is like. I can’t believe more people haven’t read this series! There’s five books out right now and the sixth, written by the illustrious Donetta Behar, is on its way. Seriously, I’ve never read anything as good as this series. The main character, Resh Zephyr, is an AI from a new colony on the mysterious planet of Draxghr. Right from the first book there’s several wonderful discussions of how being an AI can be both a huge strength and a huge weakness. All of the books present a nuanced view on AIs and their lives, rare for a series with an AI as a main character. This sort of discussion is important to have seeing as AIs only won their rights around seventy years ago, and I think a lot of people forget how recent that was. Dances on Draxghr gives readers both insight on how AIs live AND an involved plot and unforgettable characters. Simply beautiful, inside and out (have you seen that gorgeous cover? That’s a painting by artist Kennet Wyse, well-known among the AI community).

Get back to me if you THINK you’ve found any book as good as these ones, because I am armed and ready to prove you wrong.