Time enough?

In my experiences beyond earth, I have met some interesting people who are either deceased, imaginary, or from another dimension. Henry Bemis, for example, was one of those folks from another dimension. Originally from the 50’s, he told me that he a bank teller who loved books and read whenever he had the chance. In fact, he locked himself in the bank vault one day so that he could read in peace. Little did he know he would survive the nuclear apocalypse alone, the only human left on the planet. At first he was hopeless, but then he discovered an endless supply of books. He said he finally had “time enough at last” to read all of his favorite books, but then he dropped and broke his glasses. He eventually died of sadness and disappointment, but I like to think there is a bigger lesson here. Mr. Bemis was so wrapped up in books that he had little understanding of the happenings of the world. He simply accepted his wife X-ing out every page of his poetry book and was very passive about conflict. I love books just as much as anyone, however I think its important that we don’t ignore the small things; pay attention to the world and everything around you, or you could just miss something major. For example, a nuclear apocalypse.         –Clarisse McClellan