Ancient Archives

After reading more of my physical copy of Dances on Draxghr, I have to say…I don’t think I feel particularly different. The story is the same, the characters are the same, they’re just being presented in a different format. I think the only difference is that I’m attached to the book the same way I’m attached to my tablet, which contains basically everything important to me. I’m trying to imagine owning a lot of books, a room full of books. Being this attached to so many different objects seems overwhelming.

Either way, I will continue reading, and see if the book will give me any more insight.

I spoke more with my new acquaintance (the one with the reconstructed printing press). He talked a lot about an ancient occupation called a ‘librarian’, which I think is pretty similar our archivists who keep watch over the rarer files, or the files you have to pay money to see. Only, on Earth a long time ago, none of the book the librarians kept watch over cost money to read. You could spend all day in a library (as they were called), just reading and reading. Isn’t that amazing?