Appreciation of the Print vs. Digital

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, I got carried away with my research. You would not believe how deep this discussion about print versus digital reading technology goes. From historical viewpoints to scientific evidence, there is so much to think about. On the one hand, we can see an appreciation for the book in its physical form. However, reading about the history of the book, or codex, and its reception over time leads me to reconsider the e-reader. For example, the physical form of the digital text, and how it too could be appreciated by readers of the digital era. I think digital resources also could be considered inferior to print for reasons related to design or easily changeable features. Even though I love print books, I think we aren’t advocating fairly for the digital. After all, new generations are constantly coming of age and changing society. It could be highly possible that, one day, a person would look upon an e-reader with an appreciative eye and reflect fondly upon the sensational experience. –Clarisse McClellan