Computer as an author?!

While working at the library in the afterlife, I have many people come in through the doors and request great works, like Shakespeare or Dickens. But today in particular I had a rather strange request. A gentleman came in today and requested a digital copy of the work “Pride, Prejudice”. I responded, oh yes, we have a few copies of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, not a problem! He responded to this with “oh no, not that one. I want the version that was made online using a computer program that edited out over half of the words. It looks like an interesting work. Computers are going to be the latest and greatest authors!”

Excuse me?! How could computers be able to capture the emotions, the experiences of life that only sentient beings can comprehend? I just don’t see how they could ever have anything interesting to say. However, it’s not like me to be close-minded. This will be difficult, but I think I’m going to check this out for myself, read over a few examples, and see what computer-generated literature has to offer. Who knows, I may like it. –Clarisse McClellan