It’s the little things Jake Bowkett

Most people focus on the major events, like when Montag lost his cool and blew up at Mildred and her friends, or when he used the flame thrower to completely melt Captain Beatty to the ground in front of the entire fire crew. That’s fine, and completely valid. But, to me, these major moments go by in the blink of an eye for the individual. These moments influence others and they affect the way they see the person of focus. As for the individual, the small moments are the ones that mean the most. Take into consideration when Montag is floating in the river, away from the city. He is looking all around, pondering the the sun, the moon, and time itself. I like to think this moment of peace, really connecting with his understanding of the world, made the biggest difference in Montag’s transformation. –Clarisse McClellan