NaNoGenMo Mo’ Mo’ Mo’

“NaNoGenMo”, when I first saw this I thought, “here we go again, back to the future.” I loved the Ipod Nano I used to have it was so small but packed full with lovely music. “To use it the muse it must not be too loud!” I loved F451 in its reminder that we must not become over stimulated by media or it will reprogram us and overrun our stable consciousness.

After actually looking into “NaNoGenMo”, from what I saw it looks quite interesting. 50,000 words sounds like a lot but it could just be a lot of sounds. Tunes to touch a sense not reached that teach much more than lessons can. What a beaut to hear the gears that rear and render and redeem. No loss but gain in something meek, simple, plain. Fields in reels, less toil and so, just gist and mist but food for growth!