Nature is Brilliant

After spending so much time and effort pursuing Mr. Zampanó, I decided to take a break from my sleuthing. I have an eternity to have adventures, so a little downtime shouldn’t hurt. I get up early in the morning, pack a lunch, and go for a long walk. I stroll slowly down the sidewalk, sprigs of grass pushing their way up through cracks in the concrete. Small trees line my path down the street as I head away from downtown, away from the hustle of the city. Remember, this is the afterlife, so I pretty much have my pick of lovely destinations to visit. Over time, the sidewalk fades and I find myself strolling through a serene forest. The sunshine reaches through the branches and leaves, scattering light and seemingly suspending time. A cardinal and a mockingbird compete for center stage as they both whistle for their lives, and a tender fawn nibbles on the leaves of a crate myrtle. This must have been how Guy Montag felt, the first time he made it out of town. Peace and reality altering silence.

After a while of strolling through the forest, I finally made it to the clearing, the sound of roaring water overbearing the birdsongs behind me. It was there I set up my picnic lunch: pb&j, an apple, and a big sugar cookie. Why do we lock ourselves in concrete cells and hold ourselves hostage in manmade dungeons? Nature is brilliant. –Clarisse McClellan