New Books

Since spring break ended, I’ve luckily had a nice relaxing week with little homework to do. My father has been doing experiments in our house all week, and to get away from the ruckus I’ve spent most of my time at the library reading new books. I have many to recommend, but since no one in my town enjoys to read like I do, I’m stuck talking to myself about the books rather than people. Today, I started a new book called “Heart Talk” by Cleo Wade and it’s a series of poems and wisdom to help one get through their day or even life. I just started it and I’m already halfway through so you don’t need to save a lot of time to read it, but this is a book that I will continue to look back to throughout my life because it’s very inspiring. I am excited to see what other books I can finish before school work gets in the way again… Looks like I have to enjoy this time while I can!!

One thought on “New Books

  1. Hello Belle,
    I’m glad you get to have a nice and relaxing break before your semester piles on the final weeks of work. I remember back in high school how stressful things got closer to the end of the semester, so first, I wish you good luck with your studies. Second, I hope that you enjoy your literature, and please remember to take your time while reading and truly understand the text for yourself. “Speed-reading” is not an official sport, and I encourage you to instead read with a close eye and an open mind. You never know what you might discover about the book or even yourself–Clarisse McClellan

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