The Lady of the Burning House

┬áMr. Montag used to have the funniest notions about houses. In his mind, houses had always been fireproof and firemen were always in charge of burning books. However this notion of houses being fireproof must have also clouded his judgement about people, believing if a structure is indestructible, so too is the owner. This sadly isn’t the case. That night when Mr. Montag watched the elderly woman burn with her books was the wake up call he needed to realize how messed up his work really was. He sat outside, watching her burn with her literature, dying for what she believes in. I don’t think he’s ever witnessed someone stand up so proudly against society. I think it really started to make him question his position as a fireman, and if he too could fight for something bigger than complacency and conformity.

I noticed he snatched a book on his way out. Just as in history with every war and great conflict, tension builds for a while, until a spark finally launches a battle. The sacrifice this woman made was that spark for Mr. Montag, igniting the burning desire within him to truly understand what is so great about books that a person would die for them. –Clarisse McClellan