The Mysterious Man with a Mustache

I was out for a brisk morning walk the other day (let’s face it, air in the afterlife is always crisp and refreshing) when I spotted an interesting old man in the distance, pacing around a courtyard behind an apartment building. I crept around the corner to get a better look, and witnessed a tall man with ashy grey hair, a handlebar mustache and round spectacles that sat on the bridge of his nose. He was hunched as he paced the perimeter of the grassy square, head bobbing as he walked and hands clasped thoughtfully behind his back. Word in town is that his name is “Zampanó” and he is very antisocial. But I like a good challenge. Just like Guy Montag, I think this gentleman has a story to tell, and he just needs the right audience to listen. Besides, I’ve got nothing but time.–Clarisse McClellan