Class Exercise

This post is in reference to the reading we did off of the computer today. I have never read in this style before. I do not know if I like it. The stop and go created a lot of distraction from the piece. I found myself more focused on the next word/phrase to pop up on the screen as a sole entity rather than the work as a whole. Once we were finished, I could not have told you what the story was about because I was so focused on the single lines coming one after another.


One thought on “Class Exercise

  1. Hello Alexandria,
    It sounds like you had some trouble with this exercise. I myself can relate to the stress of being expected to read quickly, because I’m one who likes to “marinate” in what I read. This means I like to read and really experience what I’m reading; pause and live the story in my head, connecting with the world I’m attempting to imagine. Also, since reading actual fiction was banned in the society where I grew up, I didn’t have the chance to develop a rapid reading proficiency. I understand wanting to hold on to images and revisit them later! –Clarisse McClellan

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