Junie B. Jones and the Shoebox Apartment

This is going to sound crazy, but I kind of wish the house on Ash Tree Lane in House of Leaves was real. I’m currently looking at apartments in New York City for next year and pricy is an understatement. A three bedroom apartment in Brooklyn is approximately $2000 a month which is roughly $660 per person if split between three people and that doesn’t even include water, electricity, wifi, etc. The cost of living in NYC is ridiculous. I wish we could just get a one bedroom apartment with a closet that expands magically into other rooms like in House of Leaves— an infinite amount of square footage for the price of a shoebox sized apartment. Of course, I would want it without all of the dangers presented in House of Leaves, but it doesn’t exist. House of Leaves is just a book after all.


P.S. Anyone want to donate funds to help me afford my future rent?