I’m Right, Right?

“I’m alright. Why am I alright? I was right there in the middle of”, Henry pondered after taking a few steps out of the vault and into devastation. In my autobiography, I wrote about how I wrestled morally with leaving my relatives in captivity and bondage. My intuition led me to books and eventually some sort of Providence led me to Freedom. Henry’s repeating “right” made me ‘remember’ how often “right” was repeated in Fahrenheit 451 (60th Edition). In the Final Chapter on pg.143 as Granger welcomed Montag he told him,” We all made the ‘right’ kind of mistakes, or we wouldn’t be here(“right” was italicized in the book). On pg. 113 right before Montag devours Beatty in flames he says, “We never burned right.” Again, on pg. 124 Faber reassures Montag by saying,”Atleast your were a fool about the right things.

In “Time Enough at Last” Henry worried if suicide was the right thing to do. This tells me that he believed in God like Wordsworth believed in God in “Obsolete Man” he shouted it at the State Official, as if he were Jesus himself, well Wordsworth was a carpenter. On pg. 80, old man Faber thanks God confidently as if he has belief in God.

The Providence that led me out of my mental and physical shackles, I believe, also was God’s handy work.  “God” shows up 5 times during Faber and Montag’s discussion between pg.124-125. Faber, Montag, Henry, and Wordsworth all had to decide what is “right” and if the rest of the society was wrong. My favorite philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “For nonconformity the world whips you with its displeasure.”But Faber says on pg. 125,”For a little while I’m not afraid. Maybe it’s because I’m doing the right thing at last.”