An “Electronic” Artifact??

I found something odd in today’s load of artifacts. Pictured above. It seems to be an ancient electronic(!) device? It’s in remarkably good shape, considering what it must have been through to get here, so it could be fun to tinker with it a bit.

I’m pretty sure it’s electronic because it has a smooth glass screen and some buttons on the side. Weirdly, it also has a hinged cover thing, which I suppose would allow it to open and close?? I’m not sure why you would want that — I thought the whole point of classic electronics is that you could turn them on or leave them off.

I’d guess it probably weights a little under half a kilogram, which is pretty heavy, so that could mean it has a lithium battery. If it does, I might be able to charge it wirelessly with one of my adapters.

It’s fun to have a project!