Pen Pal

I’ve done something I never would have thought I’d ever do.

As of this week, I can officially say that I have an inter web pen pal. That college girl who is using my identity for her class kept sending me messages, asking me what I thought of her project and sending me links to other essays. At first I tried to ignore her. I’m not too fond of children (although my great niece has proved that not all children are grubby-fingered, snot-nosed, insolent brats) so the idea of maintaining a virtual relationship with Sarah was not exactly my cup of tea. But, the bookworm in me was curious as to what these essays contained.

Despite my reclusive nature, I found myself visiting the library every afternoon to log into Facebook and see what my new friend had sent me. Somehow we ended up in a discussion about a piece by Hawthorne and it just spiraled from there. Now it would just be rude to stop communicating with her. So it was sort of an accidental pen pal, but here I am.

Most recently, Sarah has been reading a very strange book but she won’t tell me what it is. Instead, she asked for my address so she can send me a copy. Her reasoning is that I have so see it to believe it. What kind of book is this? I’ll update you when my package arrives.