Do you even call this thing a book?

While I was out last week working at a book burning I came across a very odd book. It was called “House of Leaves”. It was like no book I have ever seen before. Just the sheer pages were bazaar. I had never seen anything like it. My first thought was why would any author do this? It makes no sense. So while no one was looking out of pure curiosity I took it home to gather information. I began reading it. It was odd it reminded me of a scary movie. There was also all this use of surveillance. That I couldn’t help feel I like I was being watched. The way the author wants us to read this just made me feel like he had certain people in mind while writing it. He wanted curious people. People who would search for clues and delve in and re read. This terrified me. I reading a book once was dangerous who could imagine someone who read it multiple. So I burn it. But there was tinge or regret I couldn’t shake. Like I just burned a very important message I was supposed to read.