Exploring NaNoGenMo

When first introducted to NaNoGenMo, we were asked to explore the site and find and ‘learn’ one enough to show the class. In my process I found some interesting ones, but my favorite one was one that was never actually completed. The creator’s intention was to use their Facebook feed to generate a novel, and I was really intrigued by that idea. In the future, will Facebook, or other social media’s, be accessed and used for biographies and history books? Probably. There might even be books made of just a famous person’s timeline-especially if it was from a private account.

2 thoughts on “Exploring NaNoGenMo

  1. Hello Savannah, your notion that social media may one day be used for biographic or research literature brings to question how we rate the validity of information based on source. I think this could be a very interesting topic to study in the future! –Clarisse McClellan

    1. I think it would be too! I started thinking about this for two reasons-one, we already study famous writers, playwrights, scientists, etc. journals, diaries, and notes, whether they are connected to a specific work or just about their thoughts and musings. Secondly, connect this to how some people are archiving the contents of these types of people’s computers. If we are interested in journals and desktop contents, why not social media feeds as well? Aren’t private messages or comments on pictures a new version of letters? I think social media has so much to tell us about an individual.

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