Print vs. Digital

As we witness the transformation of book reading from print to digital, a lot of mixed emotions come with it for me. I am not usually old-school in my way of thinking, but so much of my day-to-day assignments, interactions, etc. are completed through a phone or a computer. I think print allows me to escape that world for a little. When I read books digitally, they are grouped into that clump of everything I do online. Print books keep away from the chaos. At the same time digital books offer opportunities that print books never could, like links to definitions, related essays, and essentially all the hyperlinks that Katherine Hayles discussed in the hyper reading portion of the How we Read article. I am conflicted. Luckily, we still currently have access to both.


One thought on “Print vs. Digital

  1. I totally agree with you about print being a way to escape the chaos that is present online. Also, thought about the differences between what we read online versus what we read in print. Online we read a lot of news and scholarly work but print we usually reserve for pleasure reading. This of course is only about the things we choose to read; textbooks and assigned reading do not count since those are not our own choices.

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