Junie B. Jones and the Big Book Destruction

I was so excited to destroy my book! I once destroyed a few books when I was younger. I dropped them into a bath tub full of water because I wanted to see if they would float or sink and I was curious what water would do to their pages. Mom yelled at me when she found out and I had to spend the next few hours drying them with a blow drier. It was horribly boring! But now I had permission to destroy a book! The only problem was that the book I had was a rental from the bookstore so I couldn’t possibly destroy it. That was such a disappointment. Instead I found an audiobook and an image of the title and destroyed them digitally. It wasn’t the same though. It felt more like creation that destruction. I don’t think digital will ever replace tangible, even in destruction.

P.S. Here’s my destruction if you care.