Exploring Hogsmeade

I had made plans to go down to Hogsmeade and explore the stores this weekend, but unfortunately it was very gray and rainy. Luckily, that didn’t stop me! In fact, I think it made it more enjoyable to settle down into the coffeeshop with a recently rented book from the library and begin to read it. It’s the little things in life that make it so enjoyable. For me, this was one of those moments.

Books are a warm blanket on a rainy day.

Library Love

Last week, I had to travel to Hogsmeade to get a book that the Hogwarts library didn’t have in stock, which was interesting. It was certainly naive of me to think that Hogwarts had EVERY book imaginable, but I thought they did.

Anyways, the library at Hogsmeade is INCREDIBLE! There’s so many more books than I thought and I was overwhelmed in the best way possible! I might hang out there more frequently. At least there, no one will bother me with questions about homework assignments. The librarians are also so helpful there and directed me exactly where I needed to go. Libraries are my Happy Place and this adventure just further enforced my knowledge of that!

Books as Art/Art as Books

The destruction and conservation of books is important, but it does raise a lot of questions, which I think are questions that other people have as well. I hate to hear that books are being gotten rid of, but at the same time, if they haven’t been opened in quite some time, shouldn’t that mean it’s time to replace them with a newer book that is more relevant? I love coming across new books and I think it’s important that we continue cycling through new and old. Hopefully, the books that are old and, for lack of a better term, books we get rid of, are used in a way that allows them to have another life. I like books as an art medium because it allows them to continue to be appreciated, but in a different way. They’re not a book serving the purpose of being read, but a book serving the purpose of being appreciated as an art piece.