Final Print

I’m making progress with my print, so much so that hopefully I’ll finish it early. Even if I don’t, there’s a lot of buffer time that means it won’t affect my timeline if I make a mistake or something happens. I have a lowkey weekend so I’m hoping to relax a bit, but also use the time to work on said print! This is the first time in a while where I actually don’t feel too panicked going into the last week of classes… Hopefully the feeling continues!

Exciting news! I finally decided on a topic for my Final Project! I’m going to create prints with designs that incorporate what we’re learned throughout the semester and the evolution of traditional technology to digital technology. And isn’t traditional technology such an oxymoron? I’m excited about it because this is a way for me to get my creative juices flowing. Since I’ll be parked in the library for hours on end once finals week starts with a quill and ink, I think this will be a nice way to take a break from all of that and really allow my brain to think differently.

I’m hoping that all goes well and that the print turns out how I imagine. I’m also hoping my classmates like it, since they will be getting one to keep and take home!