More on the identity thief…

I am not a fan of technology. All of these new gadgets and thingamajigs are just too confusing. I still haven’t gotten a mobile phone yet. What’s the use? It’s not as if I’m calling people on a regular basis! I much prefer the old way we used to do things. Things are just too fast and too modern for my taste. Anyway, sometimes I have to get over myself – like for that online auction I mentioned last time. While I try to avoid it, sometimes technology can be useful.

Like with this identity thief situation. I went to the library to use one of the computers there and did a Google search (yes, I know what Google is). There were only two possible Sarah Goodnough’s out there and one of them is an artist in Oregon. The other Sarah is on Facebook (yes, I know what that is, too – I’m not that old). My mysterious pen-pal said that the identity thief is a college student, and this Sarah claims to be a student at the University of Mary Washington. This must be the culprit!

Unfortunately, one must have a Facebook in order to send a message. While I would never in a million years, under ordinary circumstances anyway, join “social media,” I again had to get over myself. “It is for the greater good, Elinor!” I told myself, and that is how I ended up with my very own Facebook page.

I sent a curt message to the book-destroyer, saying, “No one steals Elinor Loredan’s identity, especially not to destroy books! Explain yourself or I’ll be forced to alert the authorities.”

We’ll see what the little brat has to say for herself!