Delinquent Caught!

Greetings! As most of you may know, as the Headmistress of my school, I informed you all of the horrible Fahrenheit 451 nonsense quote scribbled on the girls’ lavatory wall. A special squad of top students was put together to help find the criminal who defiled the wall and is likely in possession of a banned book. The squad was successful in discovering a Miss Jane Stark in possession of the book. She was found reading it. The book has been confiscated and as punishment, Miss Stark must perform a public book burning of Fahrenheit 451. 

Our reasoning for this punishment is to force Miss Stark to not only witness the destruction, but to physically and emotionally feel its effects. The act of book burning is a sort of cleansing if you will. If the book continued to exist, even unopened, unused and unread in a museum, its physical presence would be a continued reminder of the ideas it holds inside.

A further investigation of Miss Jane Stark and what other books she may possess is under way. If you have any information on Miss Stark, contact my office immediately.