Destroying books one way?

I myself have always been a book burner. What I mean by this is that when I chose to destroy a book I burn it. Some of my more artistic friends do some more unique things. Things such as shredding them, ripping, even using computer graphics to alter the text and print. The difference in their destruction and mine is they want an everlasting effect from their destruction. In other words they want to provide another meaning for their book and why they are destroying it. To me this is just as harmful. When sending out different and personal messages we taint and alter the true nature of the destruction. WE ARE TRYING TO SAFE PEOPLE FORM THEMSELVES AND THEIR NATURE… NOT FEED INTO IT.

One thought on “Destroying books one way?

  1. Hello Mr. Cide,
    if I may, I think you have allowed society to influence your thinking a bit too much. Perhaps if you listened to the reasoning other book destroyers have rather than dismissing the validity of their actions, you might actually form your own insight and perspective on the issue.–Clarisse McClellan

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